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 How we started in Staffies

My name is Mark and i am married to Becky, we have two children called Jordan and Skye, we bought our first Stafford in November 1995, he was a red & white dog called "Diamond Hero" -(Bruno). I came across an advert in my local paper advertising a litter of Staffie puppies, so i decided i would go and have alook, although i did promise my wife Becky that i would only LOOK !!. On the way i drew out some money from the bank and continued my jounrney to the address i was given. At this time i knew nothing about Staffies as i had been brought up with Springer Spaniels and other working dogs. On looking at the litter i picked up the dog and decided i was taking him home. When i got home i knew Becky and my son Jordan were out so i put the little chap in the kitchen with a blanket and bowl of water and went off to work, Becky rang me not long after saying how sweet he was and that Jordan and herself had wanted to call him Bruno, so Bruno it was.

After a while we heard about a local Staffie club that you can go along to that would show you how to handle your dog and meet other Staffie lovers. The club was held on a Tuesday evening so we went along to the next club night. The club is called "The Devon & Cornwall SBT Club". That first night had us hooked and we went on to wanting to go into the world of showing our beloved chap.

When a year had passed we wanted to purchase a bitch to show as well, after learning that there are many people that sell Staffords for the wrong reasons, we made numerous phone calls enquiring about pedigrees etc. We eventually put our name down on a waiting list but we were unlucky as the bitch did not have enough in the litter for us to purchase one. I carried on contacting people when i came into contact with John & Stella Livingston (Jacobellas) who informed us that they had 2 black bitches for sale. My friend was also looking for a Staffie puppy at this time so we drove up country to Redcar together have alook at the bitches. We bought both bitches and started our long journey back home, i arrived back home at 3am in the morning but what alittle cracker i had. My bitch was called "Jacobellas Contessa" (Pippa). We started to show both the dogs and throughly enjoyed it, it was then that we applied for our own affix. We were awarded "Marstaff" in 1996, we then added our affix to our dogs show names. "Diamond Hero at Marstaff" & "Jacobellas Contess at Marstaff".

Both dogs did well in the show ring and we were well and truly hooked. When Pippa was older we decided to take a litter from her and after careful consideration and planning we choose "Champion Brystaff Simply the Best" - Pippa had a fantastic litter and produced me my first champion "Champion  Marstaff Easter Surpise at Hoplite" and 1 stud book entry "Marstaff Easter Rose". What a litter for my first time but it proved with careful planning and research i had picked the correct sire. Pippa went on to have another 2 litters and produced me another champion "Champion Martsaff Dragon Lives On" nad 3 more stud book entries "Marstaff Enter the Dragon", "Marstaff Pride of St Blaise" and "Marstaff Licence To Thrill". Pippa was a fantastic bitch and did us very proud.

Pippa & Bruno were very close and started off our love for the breed, my children and us fell in love with them instantley. Pippa & Bruno are no longer with us but without them we would not be were we are now. They started off the Marstaff home and we will be forever greatful.

Gone but never forgotten - always in our hearts. xx